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The Fuklehead Salute/Gesture


The Fuklehead salute is the “calling card” for all true Fukleheads. In some respects, it is rooted in the origins of the purpose of the ring finger. Ancient Egyptians created the fourth finger of the left hand as the finger to place a wedding ring because that finger has an artery in it that goes directly to the heart illustrating the most direct line to a lover’s heart forever.


But, the fourth finger is also the least coordinated and most useless finger on the hand. Hmmm maybe that’s the real connection to marriage. But I digress. The fist and this finger symbolize that while each of us tries to build a strong exterior facade of strength, we all have a touch of quirkiness that make us real.


If you don't buy that B.S. then how about this one. It is the only known finger that people don’t actually pick their nose with.


Or how about this one. Life today is way to “Heavy” and we all need to do our best to lighten someone’s day. And what better way than to try and give someone a confident outward symbol of connection and look like a complete doofus making the gesture.


Or maybe this one works for you. In today’s world we at times feel overwhelming despair and that we are all “Just One Finger Away” from tossing in the towel. The gesture is a reminder that this is not an option.


The beauty of the Fuklehead brand is that you have the right to pick your motivation….. And whatever that is, It’s OK!

For me, I choose to believe that the ring finger has a direct line to your heart and Fuklehead acts make you the endearing human you are ……Be proud and embrace it!

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