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What is a Fuklehead?

First here is some context. I have 7 grandkids I have a term of endearment for them every time we meet. I call them Knuckleheads and they call me one in return. We laugh and joke and have a great time. This is sort of our secret bond.


One day in the summer of 2020 during Covid our whole family met on the beach for the first time in a while and I teased my grandkids with my usual knucklehead greeting. Cooper, our five-year-old then decided to turn to our cousin, Craig, and with a determined funny look on his face declared definitively "cousin Craig, you're a Fuklehead" he said innocently. The whole family gasped then roared with laughter, including Cooper. Cooper like all of us just unknowingly did a "Fuklehead" act. It made our day. Cousin Craig and Cooper were the original Fukleheads and nailed the spirit.


It struck us that 2020 was a Fuklehead kind of year and the thing that binds us together as humanity is that we all have Fuklehead moments every day. You can try to cover them up, ignore them, try to pretend they didn't happen, merely accept them … or You can embrace them. Be proud of them, have fun with them, and wear them as a badge of honor. Fuklehead is a “frame of mind”

What does the Fuklehead gesture mean?


Once we had Fuklehead, we figured we needed a gesture to greet other Fukleheads like a handshake (which of course we can’t do anymore) or like the sign Harley motorcycle riders give each other when they pass on the road, or the universal Thumbs Up sign. Here again Cooper came to the rescue. My son found this picture of him when he was 2 with the very first Fuklehead gesture. That was truly an Omen. So, you too can flash it with pride at the first sign of a Fuklehead moment... But first you have to find out if you are a Fuklehead.

Are you a Fuklehead?

So, by now you are probably wondering if you “Have the right stuff” to be a Fuklehead. There’s a good chance you are part of the Fuklehead family and don’t really know it. But to make sure, you can take the quiz on our website to see if you are truly a Fuklehead. Click on the short list of yes /no questions and we will score it and give you a grade. Now don't cheat.

Join the Fuklehead Family

Once you enter your information you will be entered into a monthly SWAG give away and the annual grand prize drawing. Post your picture on social media flashing the Fuklehead gesture and tag us for an additional entry. You will be amazed how just joining opens up incredible deep thoughts in your brain that will change your life forever.

Join the Fukleherd


Thanks for submitting!

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